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tips for 1 on 1 interview for AUAmed tomorrow?


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Hello, I am grateful that AUA gave me the oppurtunity for an interview and it is coming up tomorrow. I do not know how strict there criteria is however I had a few questions.
*Please for the love of god do not bring up off topic info, I know the risks of going to the carribean
1. Do they give an interview to anyone even if they have no chance of getting in/have to kill the interview to get in? or as long as you don't say something completely wrong you are fine. In different words, as long as my interview is average, can I still get in? or does it depend on the rest of my application documents etc
2. I have researched the questions they ask but can only find stuff that is old like 2009-2016 etc, anyone have an updated list?
3. I am applying for the feb term, any idea on how long after the interview is a potential acceptance?
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