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3 hours ago, firelordzuko said:

Has anyone else had no verifiers contacted? (that I know of) I'm not sure what it means to get some contacted vs none and I'm probably reading too much into it but man the waiting game is really stressful! Are they still contacting verifiers at this point? 

That I’m aware of no... I’m OOP. Tbh though i think i have only 1 or 2 out of many verifiers that would tell me if they were contacted haha

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2 hours ago, spense said:

Does anyone know if Dalhousie will contact you if a verifier cannot be contacted? I remember there were a few instances of that occurring previously and wanted to see if there was a known stance on that policy.

I emailed them to ask this question in December and they said that yes, if your verifier fails to respond, Dalhousie will reach out to you.

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On 1/5/2021 at 10:13 AM, Anaik said:

It's just not feasible to go through each and every activity, and read the responses of each verifier for each applicant. It could be as high at 28 verifiers for some people (assuming you have a different verifier for each activity).


Better to take a random sample, or to focus on activities that hold a lot of weight on the application. For example, a one off 30 hour activity might not be worth verifying, but an activity that totals 2500 hours might be more worthwhile verifying. Not sure if this is what they do, but I'm just speculating. My activities that were verified was an old job of mine, and a major volunteer activity. 

That makes a lot of sense!

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