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Do med schools change their admission requirements?


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While planning to do my degree I am wondering how fluid are med school admission requirements? The schools I am applying to don't have any pre-reqs and don't look at ECs and work experience. 

Should I have any concern for these metrics to change in the future? I am not planning on taking OChem, Biochem and Physics and I am not focusing on ECs as much because of the requirements. Can they change these, if so I don't want to be locked out because of it. 

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Yes, they do change. It may not be every cycle and it may not happen as frequently at every school, if at all.

But you didn’t specify a particular institution. If you’re asking generally, yes, admission requirements can change.

Example: University of Montreal used to require that if your science prereqs had expired (ie they were completed a certain number of years ago), you had to retake 3 specific courses in order to be eligible to apply (1 bio, 1 physics, and 1 chem I think it was).

This policy was recently changed and no courses need to be redone anymore (as of one or two cycles ago, irrespective of covid).

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