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I know a handful of people who have entered other professional programs while applying to med (some who are applying this cycle and some who were successful in entering med and left their previous program). Honestly, I think it is a smart move (depending on the program and your risk tolerance). From my understanding, grading standards are unique to the program you want. For example, if you went into law, some law schools keep a 75% average and you would have a hard time breaking into the 80s. This has the potential to kill your average. It would be good to hear opinions from others within your future program.  

Also note that some schools have post admission requirements for you to maintain a certain average- some that immediately come to mind are UBC (they recalculate your average with the new grades and your new average must not fall past 5% from your pre-interview average) and Ottawa (not sure if things have changed since I applied but I remember it being quite narrow).

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If you applied the same logic to people studying different degrees in undergrad... would you have regretted going into a "harder" (I mean what does that mean anyway) undergrad program vs someone that coasted off easy GPA boosting course? 

Are you an adult learner or a grade watcher? 

Answers to those questions should tell you what to pursue. 

Last thing to add please don't do a preprofessional degree if you don't see yourself actually working in that field... nothing is as insufferable as having that one classmate that's a med gunner letting everyone know while acting superior and arrogant.

- G 

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