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Letter grades to % (Bear with me here)

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While I'm aware this has probably been asked before, I was hoping someone would have an answer as to how a school with A+ (90-100), A (85-89), A- (80-84) converts letter grades to % at u of s.

Unfortunately the admissions office has been very unhelpful and after waiting about a month they responded that 

" 100/5 = 20, 20 x your GPA = percentage out of a 100

100/4 = 25, 25 x your GPA = percentage out of 100

100/4.33 = 23.09 etc., 23.09 x your GPA = percentage out of a 100

Please keep in mind, these are approximations, not exact equivalencies."


This does not seem right as that would mean an A+ is = 100%. People have posted before that they email you a grade conversion chart, yet this hasn't been the situation for me. I was wondering if any OOP applicants have seen what sort of conversion they use there?

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