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I’ve been a longtime lurker of this forum and I thought I’d take a chance and get some honesty that I can think about. 

Just some background on me: I’m in a coop program but because of the pandemic I’m taking a semester of courses in the Winter. I failed 1st year biology and organic chemistry I, so I’m re-taking those courses this Winter. I’m in a program that has a requires a lot of humanities courses. I'm also a US-Canadian citizen.



(2019) 1st year Fall: 2.92

(2020) 1st year Winter: 3.00 

(2020) 1st year Summer: 2.98

(2020) 2nd Year Fall: 2.94


Why am I getting such low grades? To be honest, I haven’t figured out how to study in university (online or in person). What works for some classes don’t for others, so it’s been a journey. I know that my GPA doesn’t paint a full picture of me. I still need to write the MCAT and I haven’t listed out my extra-curricular activities. But having a high GPA (or at least above 3.7) is pretty essential to an application.

What I want to ask is what should I do to make myself a stronger medical school applicant (aside from raise my GPA)? If you were an admissions officer, what does my GPA say to you about me? Considering I failed biology and organic chemistry, should I reconsider medical school?


Honesty and constructive feedback is highly appreciated! (However, please remember that I’m human too!!)

I posted this question on the general pre-med discussion forum, so if it's not allowed/annoying that I posted twice, let me know and I'll delete this thread.

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Before you write the MCAT I think it would be best to get a better grasp of some of the science courses that make up large portions of the material tested on it.


With a gpa lower than 3.7/4 you are doa for every med school in Canada. You may want to consider if the program you are in is the reason for the lower grades, would there be something you find more interesting that you think you would do better studying?

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