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3rd time applicant; no interviews; jaded; whats wrong with me; thanks

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I'm a UofT graduate (2019 Bio and Gender studies), with a 3.94 cGPA and 4.0 in my last two years.

I wrote the MCAT twice, 506 (128/126/126/126) and more recently a 510 (127/127/126/130) (applied with a 510 for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 cycles)

I'm doing my MSc (4.0... for now...) at McGill rn (2nd and hopefully last year)

ECs are ok: President of a few clubs at UofT, Health and Wellness Rep, hospital translator, hospital observership abroad and in Canada, clinic volunteering, TA assistant, note-taker for people with disabilities, food centre volunteer, non-profit founder for racialized women, 3 papers published (2 in BSc), multiple oral and poster presentations, etc.

This is my third time applying to medical schools (2018 - US and Canada, 2019 - Canada, 2020 - Canada including UofT, Queens, UBC, Ottawa, Mac, Western, Dalhousie, Memorial, McGill, etc.) with no interviews any cycle

Feeling a little jaded and also kind've confused, idrk what else to do

Is my application getting flagged? Are my references saying I'm unfit to be a doctor? Is this a sign I'm just not cut out for this/who knows

any feedback would be great

thansk in advance


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I mean to be fair you still haven't heard back from the schools that you have the best chance of getting in to. Wait to hear back from Ontario schools before you start questioning whether you're cut out for this. Dal, Memorial, & UBC interview 10% or less of the out of province applicants. The only other thing I could recommend is trying the MCAT again if you don't get in anywhere this cycle, as a 128+ CARS score will open a couple more doors for you.

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