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Guide to Using Inspect Elements for UBC Application

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Hi Everyone,

Just posted this in the Interview Invites/Regrets thread, but thought it would be useful as a topic for people to find. Here is how to use inspect elements:

1. Press F12 to open Inspect Elements

2. Find line of code that reads <div id="ctl100_content_main_pnl_tfr"> and press the > arrow on the left-hand side to open the drop down, or use the "Pick and Element Tool" on the left-hand most side of the Inspect Elements bar (looks like box with cursor mouse in it) and click the slider area.

3. Find the drop down menu within this drop down (line of code starts with <div id="slider" class="ui-slider ... etc.)

4. You will see 5 slider values. The first will be 0, second will be your score out of 100, third will be 53 (IP cut off), fourth will be 63 (OOP cut off), and the last will be 100.

Hope you all either a) improved from last year, or b) have found areas to work on your apps. Cheers!

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