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Non trad applicant - what are my chances?


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McGill is known for being very open to accepting people with "non-trad" backgrounds. As long as you have your prerequisites, and your GPA is >3.8/4.0, your odds of getting an interview are pretty good! The undergrad is not that relevant, I know people who have undergrads in anything from womens' studies to philosophy and they got accepted to McGill. I do believe it is a good thing as you get diversity in the backgrounds of your applicants :) You will be fine! 

You should also consider applying to the French universities, especially Sherbrooke and Laval since they have a category specifically for people who have been working full-time for 2+ years. The cutoffs are lower in those categories. 

Best of luck!

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Also, engineering is pretty well assessed by Université Laval! You might be right on their cutoff without even knowing it. 

if you show how your past experiences helped you get the non academic criteria mcgill is looking for (plus the CanMeds roles), you should be fine at McGill with your second undergrad. Don’t underestimate the Casper and the Resume though! With a 3.8 gpa, these things can make or break your application. 

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