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When doing your clerkship rotations, how do you know you are likeable?

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Really the same as any other interaction. Are they showing interest in you beyond what is required? Are they asking you questions about yourself, making small talk? Are they making any effort beyond baseline to teach you, involve you, etc. Did they buy you a coffee? Hard to gauge sometime is whats just baseline stuff but after working with a few you can get somewhat of an idea.

Also I assure you that residents/preceptors will almost never talk negatively to one medical student about another, let alone talk at all, and if they do they should be reported. I have said stuff like "I once had a med student who did X" but if you're hearing about others specifically that's pretty toxic and at least where I've studied/worked admin would come down hard. That being said, residents and staff definitely do talk about medical students among each other.

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On 12/21/2020 at 10:09 PM, W0lfgang said:

If they cared to spend time to teach you something or socialize with you, those are good. Also good if your preceptor trashes another med student to you behind their back, which means they at least like you more than that other one.

Careful though, if they trash him really bad, being better than that student doesn't really guarantee you're good.

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