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Question about Listing Research on CARMS Application

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Hi everyone,

Currently a second year medical student. Was fortunate to get 3 publications during med school so far (especially given these unprecedented times) but I am a bit concerned because I am interested in matching to IM (particularly Toronto) yet 1 of these publications is in radiology and 1 is in anesthesia (was involved in anesthesia research prior to med school and it was just recently published). The last publication can be showcased/framed as being relevant to gastroenterology. Specifically, I am worried that the former 2 publications might question my commitment to IM though I have heard from people in the program and from upper year med students that IM programs won't penalize me for having research in other fields as they are for the most part looking at seeing whether you have brought a project from start to completion (barring the fact that IM-specific publications are probably looked at more favorably than pubs in other fields). Can anyone comment on whether I should include all of these publications in my application during residency applications given especially given how hard I had to work to achieve this level of research productivity and the fact that I gained a lot of transferable skills from working on these projects? Obviously will try to narrow my involvement to more IM-specific research in the future though!


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