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Question about PAs in Ontario from prospective student

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Hey! I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask these kinds are questions so if it isn't, please direct me to someplace that is. I've recently learned about the PA profession and have become interested in applying to PA schools in Ontario. I'm not very familiar with the profession however, and so I was wondering if there are any current PAs/students that could tell me a little more about the field. For context, I have a MSc in Medical Science from UofT where I focused on research in Cell Biology. I originally wanted to stay and work in the research field but after this year, with covid and personal life stuff, I'm considering switching professions into healthcare/clinical fields. I do have a science background of course with decent undergrad grades and research experience, but I have little to no clinical experience which I understand is probably important to have. Does anyone have advice on whether I should apply to be a PA or if there are other related options out there? Happy holidays btw!

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I am currently a nurse in Northern Ontario and I am heavily looking into becoming a Physician Assistant. If you are willing, I would like to chat about what is involved in the PA program and what work life would look like as a PA in a hospital setting. My email is andrew.oman@hotmail.com , please feel free to contact me at any time.

Andrew Oman
North Bay Regional Hospital

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