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Timeline for Submitting Letters of Reference


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Happy New Year :) 

A question about reference letters - I've sent out several reference letter requests through CaRMS over the past 2 months after speaking with preceptors about it.  However, none seem to have submitted them yet (all of them are still showing the orange "waiting for document to be submitted by referee" circle).  Is this normal/do most preceptors tend to submit closer to the deadline?  Apologies if this sounds silly - feeling a bit overwhelmed staying on top of everything for CaRMS at the moment.   

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Most of my preceptors have also not submitted their references and many of my classmates are also in the same boat.

I think sending a reminder email in a week is fair, it’s also good to touch base since it’s the new year.

In general, if your preceptor agreed to write you a letter they’ll surely submit it on time unless you’ve asked someone who is very unreliable (aka never checks email, always late submitting evals, doesn’t respond to phone etc...)

I was also stressing/anxious about this recently. However, preceptors know how much is on the line with CaRMs and I’m sure the vast majority will do it on time, especially if you’ve gotten good feedback from them and they’ve promised to write you a letter.

Have faith in those who believe in us!

Hope you see those letters coming in soon!


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