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University Of Alberta 2021 Pharmacy Applicants - Class Of 2025

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Can we all just focus on the main goal of this discussion. I created this discussion to talk about the application deadlines and interviews not the job opportunities. I'm pretty sure there are discuss

Got my acceptance today! So excited to meet everyone in the fall! 

Hey everyone! SO happy to see that theres a forum like this, I was trying to find one before the submission date but at least I am here now! 

I previously went through all these steps when I applied two years ago and ended up declining my admission offer to continue my undergrad ( just love CMMB too much) 

If anyone has any questions on the interview or anything else I can help out as well! 

Remember to stay calm and know that they just want to get an idea of what kind of person you are!

Good luck! We got this!

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14 minutes ago, DreamerSW said:

Huge congrats @VBryce! That's incredible! I'm wondering if you received Anjela's Updates and Next Steps email today, or if you got it a while ago. 

I haven’t received it yet! I just paid the deposit today, so maybe you do not receive that email until the deposit goes through? Not sure! 

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