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University Of Alberta 2021 Pharmacy Applicants - Class Of 2025

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2 hours ago, ak24 said:

Just received my acceptance this morning! Can’t wait to meet everyone in the fall :) 


1 hour ago, degmk said:

just got my acceptance as well this morning! thrilled to meet all of u in august!

Congrats!! Stats? 

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Can we all just focus on the main goal of this discussion. I created this discussion to talk about the application deadlines and interviews not the job opportunities. I'm pretty sure there are discuss

Got my acceptance today! So excited to meet everyone in the fall! 

8 minutes ago, Fizzz said:


Congrats!! Stats? 

Thank you! :) 


Overall GPA around 3.7ish, not too sure exactly.

Work experience: Years of working in the medical field as a medical technician, both in clinics and private diagnostic imaging practice. 

Volunteer experience: Lots! Canadian Mental Health Association, translation of immigration documents, helping new immigrants navigate the city, teaching kids ages 6-7 Croatian...

I think what helped my application the most is that I took 9 courses in the Winter 2021 semester and did extremely well.  I am also bilingual, and a recent-ish immigrant (came here in 2013), so my whole letter of intent was kind of centred around that. I honestly did not expect to be accepted, just seeing everyone's stats on these forums intimidated me lol 

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2 hours ago, Pharmacy2025 said:

I received my acceptance this afternoon as well from both UofSask and UofA as an OOP student and honest to god I don’t know which school to choose. Any advice? 

I heard nothing but good stuff about Usask as they are cheaper and its in a university town. The pharmacy program is basically called a phamily. You can check out the pre-pharmacy club at usask to get pointers about what actual people think about pharmacy. **DELETED** posts help too. Good luck and congrats!! I have friends who went through only usask and they liked it.


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4 hours ago, Fizzz said:


Congrats!! Stats? 

IP Graduated in 2020

GPA (had a rough second year) my school (Queen’s) used a 4.3 scale.



During the summers I worked at a local community centre. For the last year worked as both a photographer and at a retirement home providing one on one support for residents.

Extra Curricular's

Cofounded, directed finances and volunteered at a club during my third year that provided the opportunity for students to volunteer at a local retirement home. Did various other volunteering throughout my degree and the past number of years

Felt that my letter of intent was pretty good, and thought the interview went alright but not great! I think my extensive involvement in the seniors community definitely helped my application. Don’t lose hope everyone, I didn’t have the best GPA, and I took a gap year after I graduated. Things take time to come to fruition sometimes! All the best to everyone still waiting. 



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On 6/28/2021 at 3:45 PM, Scept said:

I don't know about the amount of seats being filled but I am in the Class of 2025 discord and there's about 25 people I think? Sorry, that's just off the top of my head. My guess is somewhere between 30-50 people have been accepted so far but I may be completely wrong.

Hi hi, would you be able to add me to this group please? Thank you! :wub:

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Hey guys I recently got my acceptance letter but I'm pretty nervous because Im moving all the way from toronto

if other accepted students are down, I'd love to meet people before the fall through social media!

my IG is malsawari and my facebook is Mohamed Alsawari

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8 hours ago, 2021pharm said:

Does anyone know if we haven’t heard back yet are we waitlisted or are they still going through applications??

still going through but there should be a list of how many available seats in BearTracks. 

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21 hours ago, Scept said:

You guys need to chill lol. They literally said they're sending out admission decisions until the beginning of August. Just be patient.

yeh but its still scary because each day you are waiting to see if you are one of the ones who made it or not, and the seats are getting filled up. 

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50 minutes ago, BChow said:

Application status was displayed in the launchpad only. As of today there's 29 seats left, if you haven't received a rejection yet you're still being considered! 

Thank you! I actually ended up checking my launchpad and I received an offer of admission! Looking forward to meeting you all this September :) 

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