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IP/OOP: IP Decision: Regrets MCAT: 508 aGPA: 3.84 Coefficients: Socioeconomic and rural 2nd rejection in 2 years but 2021/2022 cycle here I come! Winners never quit and quitte

Omfg did anyone else do terribly on CASPER according to the rejection feedback email?   I got quintile 5! It was my second CASPER date (after American schools date), and I walked out feeling

IP/OOP: IP Decision: Invite MCAT: 511 aGPA: ~4.1 Coefficients: Only one SES


Decision: Regrets

MCAT: 524 (1st quintile)

aGPA: 4.43 (2nd quintile)

Coefficients:  a couple socioeconomic?

Sigh. What does this say about my Casper? :(

Edit: Casper was 5th quintile. x_x

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IP/OOP: IP, second time app

Decision: invite

MCAT: 515

aGPA: not sure, definitely 90+ maybe closer to 95 

Coefficients:  a couple socioeconomic? Not 100% sure which choices would qualify me for this 

Grats to everyone who got an interview!! But don’t give up if you didn’t get one!! We will all make it eventually!!! 

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MCAT: 516

aGPA: probs close to 4.5

CASPer: ?¿?¿ I think it went well

Coefficients: visible minority, idk about the others but not rural

edited to add: time received notification - 8:58 am 

edit 2 to add: possible coefficients, queer, immigrant 

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