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Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the process of trying to apply to medical school this year in Canada, where I'm from. Im currently doing a post-diploma Bachelor of Health Science in Medical Laboratory Technology with Dalhousie and am set to graduate this May. The program is online-only so, the entire time I've been enrolled, I've been working full-time at my job as a MLT while balancing school and other things outside of school and work. Because I have been simultaneously working full-time, I decided to do 4 courses for each semester, ranging from 3000-4000 level course (few 1000-2000 level courses as well) to give myself a chance to have  time to myself while trying to prove to medical schools that I am capable of handling a full workload of full-time school as well as full-time work. The whole program involves doing 20 courses, or 60 credits, to complete the degree, so my plan was do 4 courses (full-time) for each semester within a 2-year timeframe. This includes doing 2 fall semesters, 2 winter semesters, and a summer semester in-between to equal 20 courses in the 2-year timeframe. My plan kind of got knocked during the summer semester and because of the way it went for me, I ended up doing 3 courses instead 4. So, my 4th summer course ended up as a 5th course in the fall semester 2020. As of right now, I'm doing my last 4 courses and am yet to do the MCAT, which I planned to study for after I complete all courses this semester. My goal is the apply to MUN Med, since I'm from Newfoundland, and McMaster. There are a few other schools I will apply but I have to update myself of their admissions requirements since some schools want the last 3-years of their undergrad or only allow traditional undergrad applicants with more than 60 credits to apply, etc., etc. 

So to simplify it, I completed:

Fall 2019: 4 courses (3.60 GPA)
Winter 2020: 4 courses (cGPA 3.83)
Summer 2020: 3 courses (cGPA 3.82)
Fall 2020: 5 courses (cGPA 3.89)
Winter 2021: 4 courses (ongoing)

Current cGPA: 3.89

Besides academics and before applying to school near the end of the summer, I'm planning to publish my systematic review. I have very little volunteering experience (but plan to volunteer after I complete this semester) but have been involved with extracurricular activities (dancing, singing, etc). I know it's hard to get an idea academically where I stand without an MCAT score, but I know what I need to strive for to be competitive. 

I wonder if I stand out enough as a non-traditional student with the way I went with getting my degree. I know I'll be competing with students who have done 5 courses a semester but I'm hoping that I stand out by working 75 hours bi-weekly, doing all sorts of different shifts (days, evenings, and nights) and still managing to get 3.80+ GPA, even so much as increasing my GPA by doing 5 courses the semester past. I could do another 5 courses this semester but I don't know if it would benefit me to prove to them I am capable of doing so since I've already did 5 courses in a semester. I am struggling with volunteer work but also hope that by working in healthcare as a MLT, that it shows that I do have qualities and passions for helping people and the medical field.

Do you think doing a Master's or even a graduate diploma In the faculty of medicine program would better my chances of getting into Medicine with MUN or McMaster?

I'm open to anyone's advice or opinions as what I could do to help my chances to be accepted or even where I stand as a future medical school applicant!

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