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OMSAS ABS Breakdown?

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Considering applying to med in Ontario in the future. For the OMSAS ABS, I know that there's sections (like Employment, Awards, Volunteering, etc), and I've seen that 32 total entries are allowed. (But I've also seen the number 44 - which one of these two is correct?)

Is there section "caps" though? I'm only experienced with the UBC med app, in which each section has caps (ex. only 5 Employment, 5 Awards, 3 Leadership, etc.). Or could an applicant in theory have 32 (or 44) employment experiences? Obviously I'm exaggerating but is there any regulation on this?

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I went ahead and checked my OMSAS account (last time I checked it was 2 months ago lol). This is what's stated on the website: "Provide biographical information about yourself and outline your activities since age 16 (maximum 32 entries). This information is organized into 6 different categories."

Someone corrects me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there's a cap for each category! I remember when I was filling out my ABS, we can add as many activities for each type (but then the description is a lot more general than UBC App since OMSAS tends to categorize them as "Extracurricular Activities," "Employment," "Awards & Achievements" and "Others").

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Thank you both for the responses!

How many characters per entry is it on the OMSAS ABS? As a matter of fact, would it be possible to see what a sample entry might look like? (Via DM is okay since that information can be personal.) Asking because I want to get started on prepping entries really early, so looking at one sample entry will let me know every detail I need to collect (ex. verifier addresses)

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