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ccfp samp - April 2021


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Hi all, 

My understanding is that there is an exam package which is crucial for success on the exam.  It essentially consists of past samp questions.  If anyone has this exam package or previous samp questions, could you please forward them to me at flowerbomb408@gmail.com?  Thank you so much; I sincerely appreciate it.

If anyone is interested in samp practice for the Spring 2021 exam, please get in touch with me at flowerbomb408@gmail.com.

Thanks and have a great day :)

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On the CFPC website theres a practice exam pdf that has like 40ish questions, i remember doing that practice exam when i was studying for the exams and found the practice to be very similar of the types of questions you would get on the actual exam. Furthermore i think 1-2 questions out of the 45 came straight from that practice exam as well.

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