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UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020/2021

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Can we assume that the rejections for the third wave have not come out yet?  React to this post if you haven’t received an email the wait is brutal 

TIME STAMP: 2:03 ET Result: R  GPA:  3.8 OMSAS, unsure of eligibility for wGPA  ECs: no research. Very thin on volunteering/employment/leadership positions. National team and NCAA D1 at

I'm in the webinar and they said first batch of interview invites will be released today. Stay positive everyone and good luck!!


Result: Rejection

GPA:  3.63 (cGPA)/ 3.73ish I think (wGPA)

MCAT: 518

ECs: Strongest part of my app imo

Essays: Felt pretty good, spent a lot of time on them as always, had them reviewed by many.

Year: 2 years post-Master's, working in research

No getting around GPA. Oh well, counting what blessings I did get this year. Still stings though.

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just got my R too

cGPA: 3.75 

MCAT: 510 (130/126/126/128)

EC: long term commitment at a school for disabled kids with physiotherapy experience. No other clinic-related experience. Worked in vaccine research with 3 publications. Also had a spell in asset management with CFA Level 1. 1 scholarship and numerous awards in sports. Former member of an orchestra. I feel my ECs are diverse and decent.

Completed 2 years course based masters and currently working in pharma

Essays: wrote them in a week, but I still think they are decent. 

Good luck to everyone still waiting. I just wonder how the few people with GPA lower than 3.85 get to make the cut. Also this is my first year of applying, Do you recommend trying again? Maybe improve my CARS but that would have no impact on my UofT application.

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On 2/28/2021 at 9:52 AM, shiron said:

I just finished the tech test and wanted to clarify something. 

For the 3 minutes allotted for reading and thinking about the question, are we allowed to have a pen and paper and jot down notes of what I might want to say? Also, even though I didn't click on the 'start recording' button, can they still see us during those 3 minutes? 

I was wondering about the same thing:

1. Are we allowed to write notes during 3 min

2. May be a stupid question but just want to confirm that time on invite is EST?

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1 hour ago, Alysse212 said:

Does anyone know if the next wave of invites is tomorrow or Friday?

Probably Friday


58 minutes ago, Hanboy123 said:

Is there typically a third wave of rejections?

Yes, after the last wave of invites usually comes with a huge wave of Rs

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Just got an R this morning :( have been feeling so heartbroken, this is my 3rd time applying and I really had hope this year but sadly things did not work out for me :(

WGPA was 3.8, maybe 3.85? EC’s were my strong suit with lots of extra curricula’s and leadership position in undergrad, grad school such as varsity sports teams, being president of clubs, being a part of the student union, having my own small business etc. I also had and a ton of research experience, locally and nationally. Completed a course based masters and had 3 publications. I worked on my essays pretty hard and felt good about those too. MCAT was 515, all sections were 125+, I also have professional experience now as I’ve been working for the past year.

wishing everyone who got interviews or who are about to get interviews this cycle the best of luck! ❤️ Proud of you guys ❤️

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Just got one and honestly was not expecting this with my very mediocre (almost non-existent) research experience!


Result: Invite!! (MD)

GPA: 3.97 cGPA (not eligible for wGPA because I took some years with less than a full course load)

MCAT: 523 (130/131/130/132)

ECs: Registered Dietitian (5 years) and dietetic internship (1 year), several clubs and volunteering <100 hours each, some summer jobs in retail and restaurants, 1 year of research but study was unpublished, and several academic awards.

Essays: Felt really good about the BPEs. I actually really enjoyed the prompts and had a lot of experiences and ideas to talk about. I didn't feel as good about my ABS essays and at least one was definitely on the weaker side.

Year: Graduated and working


Congrats to everyone else!!

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Result: Invite!!! 

GPA:  3.99 (wrote 4.0 on previous thread but that was a mistake!) 

MCAT: above cutoffs (516)

ECs: also on a previous thread but generally: long commitment to competitive dance/dance instructor, exec on couple of clubs, some research (no pubs), overnight camp counsellor, a lot of tutor/mentor positions, etc.

Essays: wrote and edited in about 1-2 weeks, felt good when submitted and terrible when reviewing them recently 

Year: currently in 4th year 

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