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Confused about GPA Calculation?

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Hello all,

I recently discovered that UofA med deletes the worst academic year of applicants who are applying with 4 years of undergrad already completed. I am confused, however, as to why the admissions stats report the cGPA of students...do these admissions stats reflect cGPAs or GPAs after the deletion of the worst year?

That is, does UofA simply not use a "special" name for post-deletion GPA (ex. AGPA at UBC, wGPA at UofT)?

Excel-erate Your Breath

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5 hours ago, RL786 said:

Given that the Winter 2020 semester's grades were not taken into account in the cGPA calculation, would that mean that would have removed my Fall 2019 grades as the worst year if my semester GPA for then was the lowest?

I would assume so yes. Kinda sucks that you would miss out on the potential "full" impacts of their deletion in that instance (i.e. only deleting one semester of credits rather than 2), but it still helps that they do any deleting at all. I pretty much stand no chance at any school that does cGPA and no deletions, so I'm thankful that some schools do do it

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1 minute ago, Raisin Bran said:

Based on some threads here, it sounds they haven't finished calculating all the applicants' CGPAs yet, however; once they complete yours, under "forms" there will be a tab called "CGPA calculation" that you can click on to see their calculation for your personal CGPA. Does that make sense?

Yes absolutley, thanks a million!

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