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Hey everyone, I have tried looking up the forum and also written to the admission office, but I haven't gotten a clear answer, so I would like to know if anyone have experienced something as I did. 

So basically, after graduating from my first undergraduate, I decided to pursue a minor in arts and science during my first year (which accounted for 30 credits) and in my second year (this year), I started doing a major in Psychology (Another 30 credits). However, I would like to transfer all my credits from my minor and major to the Bachelor degree specialized in Psychology which I have applied to go in next year. The main difference between major + minor at the University of Montreal is that it give a bacholor's degree without specialization (more like a cumulative degree - baccalauréat par cumul), whereas the Bachelor degree specialized in Psychology gives a Bsc in Psychology). 

My question is, would it make me uneligible to apply to Mcgill using my second degree as basis of admission, where I need at least 45 new graded credits towards a bachelor degree if I'm transfering them from my major and minor towards the more specific Bachelor degree specialized in Psychology? 

So to summarize: 

Graduated from first bachelor degree in Biomedical Science

Second degree study: 

  • First year - Minor in Arts and Science (30 credits)
  • Second year - Major in Psychology (30 credits)
  • -------- > Transfer of these 60 credits into my third year
  • Third year : Bachelor degree specialized in Psychology (60 credits transfered + 30 credits to be done and will graduate with the BSc in Psychology

Thank you for your help!

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