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What is UofC's Applicant/Interview %?

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18 hours ago, Jurysout192 said:

Based off of the stats from last year, 456 Albertans were offered interview from 1240 completed Albertan applications, which is about 37% interview rate

damn 37% interview rate is absurd. Anyone know what post-interview acceptance rates are?


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2 hours ago, offmychestplease said:

last year everyone who did online interviews at UofC who did not get in, is getting an automatic interview which means less spots for people applying this year

Are you sure there will be less spots? What if they just plan to add those from last year to the normal number of interview spots? So if they usually interview 200 people, its now 200 + x, where x represents the applicants from last cycle. If that's the case, it would definitely lower your chances of getting accepted into the program, but your chance of interviewing would be the same.

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