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McGill Interview Invites/Regrets 2021 | Invitations aux entrevues 2021

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TIME STAMP: checked at 10h30 Result: Regrets GPA: 3.87 ECs (CV): pretty well balanced CV ( research, volunteering, awards).  Year: Master's F

Heure : 8h40 (courriel: 22h02) Catégorie de candidature : QC universitaire Résultat : Refus MPG : 3,8 ish Allure générale du CV : Quand même très varié, j'ai suivi à la lettre leurs consign

January 22 is coming fast! Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone! TIME STAMP: XX:XX Result: Invite / Waitlist / Regrets GPA: ECs (CV): Year: UG, professional UG, Masters, PhD Fee

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Heure : 9:16 AM

Catégorie de candidature : QC universitaire 
Résultat :  Refus 
MPG : 3,84
Allure générale du CV : pas éllaboré, pas de benevolat récent, experiences de travail (job d'été, tutorat), références un peu "baclées" (decided to apply last minute so I didnt really prepare this part of my app.)

Impressions sur le Casper : Bof, correct mais pas démarqué (mais bon ça ne reste qu'une impression!)
Parcours universitaire : Bac régulier en voie d'être terminé

Good luck to all!

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1 minute ago, Med201920 said:

Is it me?.or the invitation release is much slower than last year?

It feels like every second is a minute to be honest. My arms are shaking but it is faster if you ask me than last year. I got my invite around 10am, I started seeing info coming in a lot later to my recollection but ya. It'll arrive!

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TIME STAMP: not sure 
Result: Before 9:20
GPA: 3.98
ECs (CV): TA, préposé aux bénéficiaires, drafted 2nd  round in Junior Hockey, biomolecular and neurophysiology research, average 
Year: Masters

Feelings about Casper: My casper was terrible last year, so this year I studied pretty hard. Probably average 

Applicant category: QC university 

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Just now, wonderingalot said:

So if I have a rejection in my Med page, it means a reject for DMD too (even if the status wasn't refreshed in the DMD page)?

No, I don't think so. Wait till you get an answer on your DMD page


but you should receive an answer today for both med and dent and the interview dates are similar as well.

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