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Western interview invites/regrets 2021

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Thought I’d get this set up as the time for interview decisions grows near. Wishing all applicants the best! Take a moment to revel in your success (invites), reflect on the no-nos (regrets), and adapt your hustle. Oh, and maybe just maybe take a break from here to chill a little while? I’ll be here when you’re back to check, I promise. 



P.S. And here’s the template:

Time Stamp:






Essays (X/8):  


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Time Stamp: 1:52 pm

Invite/reject: INVITE IM CRYING



2YGPA: One year at 3.8 and currently completing a special year 

MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 125/130/127/130

Essays (X/8):  8/8 put a lot of thought into them and made sure I was explicitly answering the questions being asked

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Time Stamp: 2:15 pm

Invite/reject: INVITE IM dying this DAY Is chaotic i thought it was going to be ottawa now its western IM EXTREMEly stressed



2YGPA: 4.0

MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 132/130/130/132

Essays (X/8):  8/8 , got my family and friends to edit. wrote an extremely personal about you essay (mssg for details) that i was worried about. sports research clubs + travel 

current yr: course-based mastesr 1 yr

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Time Stamp: 2:11 EST

Invite/reject: Invite! I cannot believe this at all, after 5 Rs so far I'm in shock.


SWOMEN (Y/N): N (likely ACCESS)

2YGPA: 3.86

MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 128/126/132/132

Essays (X/8):  8/8, 2 were quite personal and 6 of them are short-term (<1 year) Was quite worried about that but now I suppose it worked out.

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1 minute ago, MDWoman said:

Congratulations to everyone that has gotten an interview to Western. For those with invites, just wondering are you all in a Master's program or have graduated? Anyone still in 4th year undergrad with an invite?

I have graduated undergrad but I'm in a special year so currently finishing up the requirements for my second eligible year.

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