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Queens Interview Invites/Regrets 2021

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I just want to wish everyone good luck!!! For those who get an interview, work your butt of to prepare!! For those who don't get to interview, continue to work your butt off to show the Canadian med s

when this coming out 

They got us good 

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Result: Invite!!

Time Stamp: 11:10 AM

wGPA/cGPA: 3.76/3.70 (there is hope!)
Year: Working full-time/ Completed a law and Masters degree in 2019

MCAT: 127/131/128/130 (516)
ECs: Filled out all sections on ABS. Full-time work experience in family law. Lots of volunteer experience in law and health care. Club exec and other standard leadership. No publications. Several research assistant positions. 2 Poster presentations and a national medical conference presentation. Several diverse awards. 

Casper: I thought it went badly as I was cut off on almost every scenario and my typing speed is only 75wpm but it was good enough for Mac (despite a lower cGPA). 

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33 minutes ago, rli2 said:

INVITE will update later!!!

Result: Invite!!!

Time Stamp: 11:10am

cGPA/wGPA: UG cGPA 3.64 / MSc cGPA 4.0

Year: Graduated BSc. Hons. (2019) MSc. (2019-2021 -pending)

MCAT: 513 (129/127/128/129)

ECs: LOTs of clinical and wet lab research, one 1st author pubs, 4 second/third author pub, posters at intl. medical conferences, worked all through UG and MSc to pay for school, very into learning languages, special olympics

CASPer: Got an OOP dal interview with their new cut-offs so felt pretty good about it!

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Result: Invite. What.

Time Stamp: 11:11 (make a wish)

cGPA/wGPA: 3.63 (Yes, it is possible)/3.83

Year: 2 years post-Master's, working in research

MCAT: 518 (130/127/130/131)

ECs: 3 years working in research. Tons of volunteer and employment experience. 

CASPer: Felt no different than the previous 5 times I've taken it lol

This is a big "bruh" moment for me. 4 years of applying with nothing and then 3 interviews this cycle. I'm on the moon. Best of luck to everyone who is on this journey as well. I hope we all make it.

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Result: Regrets

Time Stamp: 12.03

cGPA/wGPA: 3.99

Year: 4th

MCAT: 129/132/132/132

ECs: Filled around 28 spots, I think my experiences come across better in essays (dont have 100s of hours etc). Had experiences in all categories

CASPer: 0-20th percentile for Manitoba OOP, no snapshot


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