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UAlberta DDS 2021 Interviews

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2 hours ago, Calculusisfun said:

Nope but I did notice that they got a new copy of my transcript a few days ago. Did you do high school and undergrad in Canada?

Yeah I did both high school and undergrad in canada and I did fine in uni english so I was a bit surprised when I saw it lol

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I should have! But no I didn't, although I doubt they'd give the specific date.  I interviewed last year and they seem to be a bit behind their regular schedule.  Last year I received my email invite on Feb 13 and the interview was on March 7.  I think they always do it on a Saturday so if I had to guess, I think the interview will probably be the 20th or 27th of March.  

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1 hour ago, dental510 said:


I want to doo DDS at UOA, im confused which undergrad degree should I go for at UOA or in Calgary. if anyone can suggest undergrad program to apply for DDS at UOA. I would be very thankful

Many people start by majoring in biological sciences. If you decide to major in a more specific field of biology during your degree because it interests you than you can also consider that when the time comes. It is useful because many of the prerequisites for dental are included in biology (except english)but you definitely don't need to do a biology degree to apply to dental school. You just have to make sure you take all the required pre-requisites. In my opinion I think having a biology background will help me be more prepared, but some people may prefer to study something else that they are also passionate about.

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