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3 hours ago, WizardPalace said:

A loooong time ago (10 years?), someone leaked the UBC scoring system post-interview. This has definitely been changed since then. Does anyone know the breakdown and the weighting placed on interview, GPA, NAQ, MCAT and references? Is NAQ even part of the calculation at this stage?

No one knows, it’s confidential. If UBC wanted us to know, it would be posted on the website. 

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11 hours ago, neurologist19 said:

I doubt it has changed much, even if they claim though. In general, things do not change in bureaucratic systems unless they absolutely need to! The leaked one is actually sensible though. If I remember correctly it was like  50% Interview, 25% MCAT and 25% GPA. 

But that wouldn't consider NAQ at all? I could see a 50/50 split between TFR score and interview 

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I think at the very least GPA does make up 25% of the final score, but I do wonder how they go about it, as their website states that before interview academic performance is simply a numerical AQ based on gpa, but after interviews it says they review trends along with "senior undergraduate and graduate level achievements". What would those even look like, like a thesis or scholarship? And would all those things theoretically contribute to that 25%? And how about references then? Given the leak, are refs just used a pass/fail tiebreaker thing? Obviously no one knows but it's fun to speculate!

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17 hours ago, neatmonster said:

Well if you look at that document leak, it seems the weighting changed gradually every year - so perhaps UBC is pretty flexible with those weightings? 

Obviously everything is possible and we all speculate. Tweaking the weight seems more plausible to me too. What I doubt was introducing new elements like ranking schools, adding NAQ as a separate element, etc. I have a master's from UBC with a few papers so it is not wishful thinking but I still don't think it is going to help much beyond the NAQ part pre-interview. Maybe they will pick the senior students or students with graduate degree if other things are absolutely equal in terms of scores?

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