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Timeline for acceptances/rejections?

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hi guys! current dal med here... just wanted to say, i'm feeling for you all today. (my sister is currently waiting to hear). the wait is brutal. i remember clearly that sinking feeling you get whenev

Stupid emails from every single podiatry school in the US....now is not the time!!

Have a good weekend everyone! See you all back here on Monday...

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1 hour ago, firelordzuko said:

This was posted in r/premedcanada. I don't know anything other than that so if anyone has any other input I would also appreciate it! I'm also going crazy checking my email every second - how are y'all dealing with the wait?


The first 2 months, unlike last year, I didn't think about it at all. The second we hit February I started going a little crazy haha 

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2 hours ago, premed2232 said:

Does anyone know roughly when we might hear back with results? I know last year was thrown off by COVID, but is there any pattern for when they normally come out? The wait is killing me and I don't want to be checking my email sooner than I have to!

I feel you, the wait is hard! 

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10 minutes ago, sr9 said:

especially in a pandemic! I feel like normally I'm pretty good at keeping myself distracted from waits like this but with most of my usual extracurriculars being cancelled and school being online it's been exceptionally hard to keep my mind off it

Absolutely! I definitely think that's a big part of it too!

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