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CaRMS 2021 Interviews--DISCUSSIONS

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Looks like this year is an extremely competitive year for almost all specialties ... for anyone who might be feeling disappointed in themselves or feeling scared about their relative number of intervi

Calgary FM is going to send a rose through canada post to everyone they will rank to match, that's how you'll know.

Business Idea: a spa/resort for M4s 2 weeks leading up to match, but everyone is kept under moderate sedation the whole time and entertained with movies, mud baths, 24 h access to a petting zoo of pup

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A resident told me that if you aren't given at least one interview then you can't participate in second iteration - is this true? are any of you able to confirm this? i also emailed carms on behalf of a friend but wanted to know if anyone had the answer. thanks in advance!

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1 minute ago, sykern said:

I wouldn't be surprised. I bet increased interest and a higher incidence of 'parallel planning' with IM this year cause well pandemic fun

yeah i think a lot of people especially from surgery are parallel planning IM. wow. brutal. 

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