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Looks like this year is an extremely competitive year for almost all specialties ... for anyone who might be feeling disappointed in themselves or feeling scared about their relative number of intervi

Calgary FM is going to send a rose through canada post to everyone they will rank to match, that's how you'll know.

Business Idea: a spa/resort for M4s 2 weeks leading up to match, but everyone is kept under moderate sedation the whole time and entertained with movies, mud baths, 24 h access to a petting zoo of pup

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18 hours ago, MedZZZ said:

How many interviews are good enough to feel safe? I know it sounds like a stupid question but I just had a really tough day with all the rejections today from a two specialties that are supposed to be not so competitive :(

That's what I found out as well. Even specialties that were noted be not competitive at all last year (Path, Med Micro, Genetics, etc) were extremely picky this year. It seems everyone might have been backing up with these traditionally safe specialties, leading to a inflated sense of demand. 

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1 minute ago, MedZZZ said:

Did anyone still waiting to hear from Manitoba FM? I know they sent invitation last week but I haven't heard back and they haven't updated my portal ... I assume it's a "No" but I thought they would update the portal at least

idk about Manitoba Fm, but I still haven't heard back from Manitoba Neuro. They haven't updated Carms or sent an email and won't reply to emails sent to them either haha

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