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CaRMS 2021 Interviews--DISCUSSIONS

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Looks like this year is an extremely competitive year for almost all specialties ... for anyone who might be feeling disappointed in themselves or feeling scared about their relative number of intervi

Calgary FM is going to send a rose through canada post to everyone they will rank to match, that's how you'll know.

Business Idea: a spa/resort for M4s 2 weeks leading up to match, but everyone is kept under moderate sedation the whole time and entertained with movies, mud baths, 24 h access to a petting zoo of pup

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58 minutes ago, ibee said:

Has anyone heard from Western FM about interview scheduling or gotten an invite from then? Only my CaRMS has been updated and just want to be sure I havent missed it.


EDIT -- just got the email lol

I haven't gotten the email yet from them :/

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11 minutes ago, VolleyballDocc said:

Has anyone still not received an email on scheduling Western Family Medicine interview? Most of my colleagues who have interviews at Western FM have received emails to schedule their interviews. However, I still haven't received one :/ 

I got an email so I can't answer your question, but it came from fmpgc@schulich.uwo.ca if you wanted to email them tonight to see if they're able to send it to you before the scheduling system opens up at 11:00EST tomorrow!

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Hello everyone. Can anyone here familiar with the UofT FM sites provide a quick compare and contrast between them? E.g. which sites are OB heavy, which gives the most hands on opportunity vs more academic centre, which has the most elective time, and otherwise any other notable differences?


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My thought is that some programs are just getting all of their ducks in a row before corresponding with interviewees, and will tie this up by tomorrow as it is the end of the week. Given how contracted this whole process has been, I've been extremely reticent in reaching out to/'nagging' programs for email follow-up at the risk of being perceived as annoying lol. Personally, I'm going to give it until tomorrow afternoon.

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