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Hi everyone!

So as you may know, applying for Med-P et Dent-P requires a CV and a list of verifiers. I read in the instructions that we have to make sure to include verifiers for our most recent entries in our cv . The problem is in my most recent entry and pretty much the most important one (I work there part-time for three months). My manager left the job and she didn't want me to put her name in my list of verifiers. Do you think that would be bad/weird/a disadvantage if I don't put her name? 


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Can you put someone else (other than your non compliant former manager) who worked there with you instead? A colleague? A client?

The verifiers are, as I understand it, meant to do just that: simply verify the veracity of the CV entry in question. I’d confirm with the admission committee but they’re not asking for a reference (usually a superior, i e your non compliant former manager who could fit that bill) but rather someone (anyone) who can attest to the truth of your cv entry.

Don’t put someone’s name if they explicitly asked not to be listed. You’ll have to find someone else, or omit a verifier for that cv entry.

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