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Want to interview prep by hiring a med student (instead of a prep company)?

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I applied to 5 schools in Ontario (all excluding NOSM), and interviewed at UofT and got accepted without a waitlist. I am currently in my first year at UofT, and I completed a Master's degree prior to medical school. Over the past 3 weeks, I've helped 13 students who are interviewing at: UofT, Ottawa, McGill, Manitoba, and Western. I'd like to think the interview prep is transferable across med schools. I prepped for panel interviews last year too. 
The structure is totally up to you. In general, I've been spending the first 10 min or so giving people general tips, and then we proceed to do practice scenarios where people either bring their own that they want to focus on, or I give them ones that I have. Some people prefer to do it such that it simulates the actual interview, where they take the allotted time to gather their thoughts, etc... Then I give them feedback after every question, which takes about 5-10 minutes depending on how much there is to be said. You may bring your own questions/scenarios to practice on, or I can give you questions. We can do role-play too if you have an MMI or a panel interview that requires this. I'll also give you general tips if you want, as well as feedback on your answers. One person asked if they can send me video recordings of them answering questions, and I send them feedback, which I was open to doing as well (we did about 7 hours of that). 
We can focus on ethics too, especially if you have an MMI (disclaimer, I haven't done an MMI myself, just the MPI for Toronto). Those scenarios can be tricky. We get some ethics training in med school, and i did quite some prep for that back when i was getting ready to interview.
Btw, you can compare my rate to how much prep companies charge, and you'll notice a big difference. You’re also helping me save up for rent :))  We can do it over any platform you want, I've been using Zoom lately. You dont have to pay me til we are in the middle of the session. The good thing is you can ask me any stuff you are wondering about, since i've had a successful interview. I can share with you funny experiences from the interview that myself and colleagues did, which at the time we thought would make us fail haha! 
Moreover, to be transparent, treat me as a colleague of yours who's giving you their input, not as a professional. I will give you the input of someone who has interview-prepped and gotten accepted as a result. Hopefully you'll find it helpful. You should be able to tell after our first session. I personally benefited from all types of practice that I did, and especially from tips. My goal is to also make you more confident in your abilities and convince you that medicine is not as impossible as people make it sound. 
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