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My heart is literally in my throat rn can these mans hurry up pls I cannot wait another day

Let’s try and keep it positive y’all  Who knows, we could end up being in the same dental class. Good luck to everyone tomorrow!

This is what they told me.. Im not even sure if it is tomorrow..

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Just got my acceptance at UofT!

Timestamp: 4:00pm EST


GPA: 3.98


Interview: Felt horrible during and after the interview. I felt like I wasn't giving quality answers but just rambled on. Had to ask interviewers time to think on one of the questions and clarifications on another.  They asked lots of curveball questions and some additional questions after the 3 main questions.

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accepted/rejected/waitlisted: Accepted!!

gpa: 3.92


interview thoughts: Went pretty well I think! It was a very short interview but I think I spoke well and the interviewers seemed to like me! 

Congrats to everyone accepted!! 

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6 minutes ago, d323434 said:

For those waitlisted - how are you sending the reply slip? Is via email accepted?

Yes you can send it by email. I got waitlisted last year and ended up getting in on July 29th. Obv every year its different but this is what you need to know if you got waitlisted. Unfortunately uoft doesnt give you your waitlist rank and not even if you are HWL MWL or LWL like western. I tried really hard last year to find my position but couldnt. They put 45 people on the waitlist and approx 30 of them end up getting it by September. There is a small movement after the deposits are due (like 3/4), then some movement after med school acceptances come out, but the majority of the movement happens in July and early August.


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