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Non-traditional - what are my chances?

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I would be a non-traditional applicant if applying to medical school. Ever since graduating with my masters I still have the desire to pursue medicine. However, due to lack of confidence and responsibilities (financially) I have not made it a priority. I found that I somewhat rationalized my way out of applying (convinced I am not good/smart enough for medical school and need to continue being a breadwinner in my household). Now that I am in my early thirties, and I still have the desire,  I want to be realistic and know what my chances are. Here are my Stats:

Education: Hons BSc, MSc

cGPA (undergrad): 3.45 (omsas scale)

ECs: volunteered in many humanitarian and research initiatives in undergrad, working in healthcare for over 4 years, 2 publications, experience presenting at conferences, participated in research and innovative projects after school, awards for community and research work 

I have not written the MCAT. Because of my age, my top choice would be Mac. I would be considered IP.

Do I stand a chance with my Stats above? 

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