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UWO Dent Interviews: How did you feel?

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I think I was nervous so I answered the questions very quickly and as a result I think the communication of my answers wasnt the best. I also finished early and got to ask a few questions at the end. I think that the content of my answers was okay. I think it was a medium interview, nothing crazy good or bad.

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Lolll good to see that everyone else finished early too. I had like 5-7 minutes left for questions at the end. Felt like my answers were too long for the first couple questions so I must have zoomed through the rest. Felt like I said what I wanted to say though. Overall, I felt pretty alright after finishing!

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26 minutes ago, aoaks said:

Anyone know what day were supposed to hear back?

in previous years when interviews were held the first weekend of April, acceptances were handed out the 25th. Considering interviews were the last week of February, I'd assume they would follow a similar pattern of letting us know within 3 and a half weeks, so i guess thats next week ish? That's my best guess but not sure the specific date 

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