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Any university in Canada is fine. "the easiest major" is more easily said than done, that is to say, what is easy for one student, may not be the case for another; and studying a major of interest to you, even if objectively harder, may turn out to be easier to you as you will be interested and more highly motivated. I note that many admitted study "geography", I assume as they consider it easy. You would be wise to to take a full course load during the normal academic year. 

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Yeah it's basically true. Pick something that's not crazy intense and even better maybe some flexible scheduling (aka don't go to UofT and pick a full year lab course that's only worth half a credit).

Also if you have prior knowledge or work experience in some area that can be quite a leg up.

Also consider which province you will go to and if it will give you IP status just by studying there, could be big advantage.

Of course if you can get some scholarship $ for ur second degree that's always nice.

Lots to consider.


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Schools generally do not care. But do bear in mind a few things:

- Schools generally frown upon online or distance learning courses. Some don't even consider the grades from these at all. So if not for COVID, don't do those courses or degrees.

- You can but should limit the number of 1st and 2nd year courses in your second undergrad. UWO has a strict requirement that 60% of your course load must be 3rd year level or higher (as a second undergrad applicant). Most other schools don't have these strict requirements, but if you're mostly doing 1st and 2nd year course, they will view that negatively as evidence that you're unable to keep up with academic rigor. They won't care if your 3000s and 4000s courses are bird courses, they just have to be upper year courses.

- Definitely do a full course load during the normal academic year, as Bambi said.

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As the above posters say, yes there isn't a school "prestige" factor in Canada (other than adjunct premedical resources/research opportunities available at larger universities and those with medical schools). Do the degree that you will be able to get the best GPA in at the place where you can excel the most, in terms of support etc.

It is important to do your research ahead of time however, as every medical program has slightly different ways they appraise second degrees, what online courses they accept etc. Usually the courses will still count but things like what level courses and how many credits a year may affect any GPA modification/optimization schools do, as the above posters have noted.

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