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4 hours ago, PreMed4Life said:

Is Australia worth it for a Canadian or nah?

I would say if you have the money to afford a 70,000$ tuition per year go ahead if it’s your only option but I’d rather stay in Canada where I’ll be sure to get into an accredited program and residency ! 

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In circumstances where you will never be fulfilled not being a doctor and you're ok ending up doing primary care in Australia then I think it may be an option for specific people in specific scenarios but only after applying canada/USMD/USDO for at least 3 cycles/

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Don't go abroad until you've exhausted all options in Canada. But I found this article interesting. Apparently ~60-70% FMGs in Australia were able to secure internships between 2013-2017. There maybe other caveats (i.e rural training, return of service contracts etc) that I'm not aware of. These numbers may've also declined in a recent years due to increased demand from international students and policies may change in the future. So take it with a grain of salt and realize there are significant risks to training abroad. 

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