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Withdraw or not withdraw during current application cycle?

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Hey everyone, been a long-time lurker and finally came across a problem of my own so was wanting to get some input on what steps I should take

Context: I'm in my 2nd year of my after-degree and I've actually overloaded in credits (15 credits in fall term, 18 credits in winter term) because my degree requires me to do a practicum in the last year and I'm not allowed to take any other course but the practicum courses, so I needed to finish all my prereqs this year.
In one of my courses, the prof is making the course rather unbearable and I didn't do too hot on the midterm. Currently sitting at a 70% for that midterm, so not sure if that's a B or C but either way, prospects of getting an A of some sort isn't looking too good considering I tried to talk to the prof about the midterm and he refused to listen for the most part anything I had to say.  

I want to drop the course and take the W, but I'm also currently applying to med this cycle and have a few interviews lined up. Wondering if I took the W, and took the course instead in spring/summer so I don't have to deal with more tears and frustration, would that affect my current application and how would that have implications for certain med schools? Like, does taking the course in spring/summer 2021 be considered full course load still?

TLDR: Wanting to drop a course and take a W, and take the course instead in spring/summer, but concerned about how it affects current cycle application and future one

Appreciate your time in reading this and hoping to find a resolution! I've already scheduled to speak with an academic advisor as well on Monday to see what their take is. 

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