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Anyone else hear about the technical issues people had this weekend with Kira Talent in their MMI's at Mac and U of C? Apparently people were having trouble connecting, lost time, skipped stations, etc.....

This has me worried for our MMI coming up next weekend. How would they even account for technical difficulties? Some are saying U of C is offering reschedules to those who missed out on their stations. This seems like a complete mess. 




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I interviewed at both Mac and UofC this past weekend, and I have the UofS interview this coming weekend. I experienced the Mac issues (Kira), though my UofC interview was glitch-free (not Kira). I am hopeful that UofS will be a little smoother for a couple of reasons. First, there are 6 interview times, for likely 300 interviewees, so about 50 at a time. At Mac, I think there were closer to 200 interviewees at a time. Perhaps the lower volume will mean fewer issues. Second, I think (perhaps naively) that Kira will have a few lessons learned from this past weekend and implement some improvements for the next interviews. Time will tell.

My advice would be to be mentally prepared for glitches - perhaps only having 1 minute to read a prompt instead of 2, or perhaps losing several minutes of response time. The only thing we have control over is how we stay calm and make the best of it - a good skill for a future doctor when you think about it. At least we know to expect this, so it won't be as much of a shock in the moment. 

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