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9 hours ago, bread said:

I’ve been wondering about this, too. I write in a few days and have been scoring anywhere between 50% - 80% on Canada q-bank MCQ and 60% - 80% on the CDM. I did the official practice test a few months ago without studying at all, and got mid-70s. Worried about my q-bank scores though, especially since those are with studying. I find a lot of the questions I get wrong are very specific ones about meds or rare conditions I don’t know much about (ex. Specific biologics, DiGeorge syndrome) - is q-bank generally harder than the actual exam? I’m feeling a bit stressed and like I might benefit from more studying time, but I don’t think I can reschedule this late, ugh 

stick to easy/medium difficulty questions in qbank! you'll be fine. their CDM is SO bad. 

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2 hours ago, indefatigable said:

I actually thought their CDM was better than their MCQs (partly just because of the format).. but neither were great.

Yeah I got fed up. I was in a privileged position and could afford the MCC practice materials and that was the best prep. 

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Naive question here: does the MCCQE score matter or one only needs to pass ?

Seems some only get their result after the match, so the score itself doesn't seem important for residency. Is it for anything ?

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