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I’m an incoming pre-med student and I’ve been accepted to both McGill’s Anatomy and Cell Biology program, and Queen’s Health Science program. I’ve been having difficulties choosing between the two because I love the Queen’s program, but I really dislike the idea of being in Kingston, ON and the general student body atmosphere. However, I still like the program at McGill, but I’m not as informed on it. As well, I deeply love Montreal and the people there. 

Any opinions/advice is welcome, what would you recommend as a pre-med student?  

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Anatomy and cell bio was a bore. 
Most people I know switched out...myself included. Mind you, that was 20 years ago...

life sciences at queens is a classic premed program and cutthroat. 

Without an A+ On the McGill gpa scale you’ll always get screwed over in omsas conversion. 

go to the school where you think you’ll be happy and be open to changing majors and schools I’d you made a mistake. 

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Hi! I don't know your personal situation, but as someone who went to Queen's I found the atmosphere super welcoming and great, and really not that different from my friends at other universities. It also depends on your program, and health sci (and really any arts and science program) is one that tends to be quite diverse. Kingston on its own is also a great city! No matter where you go, you'll find your people. I'm honestly not sure what you mean by the "general student body atmosphere" because that differs really widely, and personally my experience with people was great. The stereotypical "queen's student" is really just that- a stereotype. Yes it can be true in some cases, but all schools have people like that. Feel free to message me with any other questions!

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I got accepted to both Queen's Health Sci and McGill Anatomy & Cell Biology (and UofT) for undergrad and I chose McGill! I'm from Montreal and love the people and city too. I really enjoyed the program once I made some friends in it. The first year was very intense when getting used to the learning style but the program definitely got easier and more interesting as it went on. The profs were all generally amazing and the anatomy labs are great! I got quite a high GPA (3.85/4.0) in the program but I studied like 10 hours every day, it really does take that amount of effort unless you have a photographic memory. If you are just looking for a high GPA, only BSc programs at McGill are easier (ie Microbiology & Immunology, Biology, Kin, etc.). You really have to be passionate about learning about all the details of the human body but it is rated the #4 Anatomy program in the world! I definitely don't regret it. Many of my friends in the program are now pursuing various Master's, PhD's, Med school, Dent, and more. 

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