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When do offers of admission appear on OMSAS?

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Hi all,

I hope everyone is handling the wait well, assuming you’ve completed your interviews! I know Ontario schools are set to release offers on May 11 this year. But I’m wondering if direct offers will be sent out by schools first or if OMSAS will update first? I’m just over here being obsessive and avoiding all the work that I actually need to be doing because I can’t stop thinking about my fate.

Any insight is appreciated!


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Western's student portal does indeed somewhat reliably update at midnight (and the dent offers go out a few days before so you can confirm there), but unlike the above posters, OMSAS did not update for me until the real morning! No certain order between the school and OMSAS on who updates first from my pov

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It depends on the school! My Mac offer was on OMSAS at midnight but my Ottawa one didn't show up until much later (after the email). So you really never know, and it totally depends on the school- you won't know for sure until you get the emails!

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