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Did any "traditional" applicants interview this year with a <85 AQ?

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Recently this GPA bracket has been almost exclusively been non-trad applicants (people who were on a different career path and now pursuing med, or those who have graduated from UG for several years already, currently pursuing maybe graduate school etc, usually people in their mid 20s to early 30s), because of several extra years of time for increased NAQ. 

In this context, I'll define "traditional" applicants as those who are applying to enrol in med school right after graduating UG (so after a 4th/5th year of UG), or those who are currently on their first gap year (and graduated in May 2020), usually these applicants are aged <24. There weren't many (or any) people from this pool who posted on this year's invite thread, so I'm just curious if there was anyone out there at all. A few years ago, I feel there would still be a handful of these type of folks but past 2 years barely see any at all. 

If you are one of these applicants, what was your background like, and what do you think mostly contributed to you reaching the interview threshold? (Also open to private message, if that is safer)

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