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Post interview invite, are OOP applicants assessed the same as IP applicants?

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1 hour ago, ma17 said:

In other words, are OOP held to a higher standard for their interview performance. Similar to how pre interview, OOP applicants have higher cutoffs. Having trouble wording this right so let me know if I'm being unclear.

You're being fairly clear. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer to your question. 

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My understanding is a set number of seats can be given to OOP applicants (15%?), and if OOP applicants interviewed better than IP applicants as a whole they would still only be able to make up that set percentage of the incoming class. I think we would need to know how many OOP applicants received interview invites to gauge the competitiveness however.

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My understanding is that the different IP/OOP cut offs are only for pre-interview. I guess that might set up OOP applicants well since they may have a higher pre-interview file review score to begin with. What I'm not clear on is if there are separate IP and OOP lists and waitlists or if everyone is assessed in the same pool and top X number of applicants get an offer. 

Scenario one

IP pool gets offers to fill 85% of class and OOP pool gets offers to fill 15% of class. There is an IP and OOP waitlist to fill up spots that open up in each of the respective pools. 

Scenario two

Everyone gets ranked on same list. Top X number of applicants get offers, but such that no more than 15% OOP applicants get a spot. Waitlist is not split up by IP/OOP and whoever is ranked highest gets in (again respecting max 15% OOP rule). 


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