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Ya I'm not sure why waitlist is so slow this year, maybe pandemic is making students want to stay in the province they already live in? Not wanting to risk moving to another region with so much uncert

Just got my refusal letter today despite holding onto slim hope of another wave of intense waitlist movement as seen from last cycle.  Heres hoping I make interview stage again next cycle. I'm a

Hey guys, so I just checked my Minerva and I got my offer!!! I am waitlist spot #4  I have been checking the waitlist movement by refreshing McGill's webpage so I didn't think it moved, but they

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33 minutes ago, hopefullyRD said:

Thanks!! I am #1 on the waitlist, dont know how much hope i should have! it's such a small pool so past years stats might not be of much relevance either :( but thanks a lot!

You are in. You can already celebrate

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24 minutes ago, Good p1r4t2 said:

Does anyone know if it's gonna be like last year (they got + ~ 20 spots after sending the offers) ? Thanks !!


Hard to say. The movement averaged like 15-25 spots in the past several years. It will depend on April 29th when the French schools release their decisions and May when the rest of Canadian schools release their decisions and the waitlist will move faster. I am also hoping they move past the 20 spots for IP WL.

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