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Adult neuro fellowship after peds neuro residency

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I’ve heard of some pediatric neurology residents going on to complete combined peds and adult neuro fellowships as well as solely adult related fellowships afterwards. I’m wondering what the advantage of doing this is? What is the job market like afterwards? Would someone who trained as a pediatric neurologist in residency and then did an adult fellowship be able to work on the adult side afterwards?

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I can't remember but I remember someone telling me that adult neurologists just write the adult neuro board exams but peds neuro has to write both adult and peds boards and so are certified for both... or it might have been the other way around, or just a made up rumor. The job market for adult specialties is much better than peds specialists across the board just due to the numbers, so maybe they switched their focus after residency, or found something lucrative, who knows.

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