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Manual Dexterity Portion of the Canadian DAT

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There is a grading scale out of 30. Points are allocated to flatness/smoothness of the planes, measurement accuracy, angles are sharp and accurate (both internal and external ones), and symmetry/orientation of the carved pattern. Here's the CDA's rubric and potential patterns:


I think McGill looks at it as pass fail? But when UofA had it included in their admission decisions, higher scores were definitely better. In 2020, applicants had a mean score of 24.6/10 on the MDT portion at UofA for instance. (They don't include it anymore, but just for reference). 

DatCrusher has some really great videos that are free on youtube, and they are all I watched to learn how to do the carving, and I ended up getting a 30/30 on MDT. Let me know if you have any other questions! (: 

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