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At the of age 14-15, I secretly wanted to become a medical examiner  after  seeing a pretty grizzly autopsy scene in a tv show called Psi Factor and enjoying it. I became obsessed/curious with chasing autopsy pictures overnight.


Now, I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't that good of a student in school. My GPA  was okay and was terrible in science classes. But I so badly become one that I worked my butt off.


In college, I was getting a lot of  90s and up in Chemistry exams, go an 86% in Biochemistry and when I wasn't gettiing 86% and up, I wasn't happy with myself. I was a far more  determined student.


I never became a ME due to a  disease (Huntington).  


I think the reason I never told my friends  and my family is that's it is perceived as the dark side of medicine.


This has been a dying field. I get the impression that parents are no stranger to this










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